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Carolyn Weltman

Carolyn Weltman - Fine Art

New York, NY


"I am holding out my heart to you. If you are brave and hold out your heart too, One day our hearts will spread all over the world."

"Carolyn Weltman declares herself to be an expressive figurative artist whose work includes female, male, transgender and transitioning subjects. Her portrayal of highly sexual and aggressive or dominant figures is unmatched, whatever the gender. Her work is full of wonderful surprises."

My life as an artist began one summer's day when I started selling my work in the biggest art gallery in the world, Soho and Union Square in New York City. Thousands of multinational people looking at my work. This led to my work being shown in several galleries, published in books and magazines, TV documentaries and a host of other opportunities as well as sales.

I opened my site with Fine Art America in 2011. I have once again been successful in introducing my erotic art to a wide variety of clients. Fine Art America has introduced me to another platform from which to sell my work and has provided other opportunities such as shows and commissions.

Commissions are a treasured part of my life as an artist. I love to work directly with my clients so that together we can create something lovely they will have for ever. Please do contact me if you are interested in creating a beautiful drawing or painting of yourself and/or a loved one.


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